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Fresh Whole Salmon

Bakka Salmon is the classic whole superior salmon farmed and raised in the Faroe Islands. We provide the highest quality by controlling the whole supply chain from creating the fish feed to processing the fish in our facilities.

This salmon was never frozen and is delivered with scales on, we can remove scales upon request.

Please note the price is per piece per salmon.

All of our products are non-GMO and 100% antibiotic-free.

This product is Kosher certified.

 Cuts/ weight  4-5 kgs (11-13.5 lbs)
Skin-on/ Skin-off Skin-on
Recommended storage Store at 38F or below
Country of origin Faroe Islands and Scotland

Sale price$139.99

Fresh Whole Salmon
Fresh Whole Salmon Sale price$139.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Felix Iasevoli
Great way to purchase whole salmon

I really enjoy your salmon because the way you farm raise them I believe they are very safe to consume

Jered Fanning
Not fresh

When my whole salmon arrived it was not cleanly gutted (let over entrails and so much blood) and had a strong fishy smell. This is the second time my fish from Bakka frost arrived less than fresh, after the first time I hoped it was just a one time issue, so I tried again. This particular salmon was meant to be for an event and I could not serve it.

sal cogliano

I promise you will note be disappointed... everyone has been 5-star sushi quality.

John Schoch

I have eaten wonderful tasting salmon more times than I can count and this salmon blew all the others away. It actually tastes even better served as sashimi. Oily and delicious, this salmon takes top honors EASILY.

john marcus

I am a repeat customer......... GREAT SALMON !!!