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Smokepins are an easy way to cold smoke your salmon by yourself, all you need is the smoke pins to get started!

A single smoke pin burns for approx. 1 hour and 25 minutes.

10-35oz  salmon fillet needs about 5-7 hours smoke time.

You can easily smoke fish and meat at the same time and generally smoke larger quantities at a time - good for the environment and for your wallet!

How to use smoke pins:

  • Set up the steel ring (included in the box) as shown in the video and place it on a fire-proof surface
  • Light the smoke pin at the end with the larger hole until the flame is established Allow it to burn 1 inch down to ensure it's properly lit, then lightly blow out the flame
  • Place pin onto the steel ring with the burning face up
  • Place the smoke pin into the bottom of your grill/ smoke oven (leave minimal opening for the smoke to escape) and start the smoking process
  • Replace the first smoke pin after approx. 1,5 hours (check if it's fully burnt down)
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