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Hamburguesa De Salmón Congelada

Nuestra carne de Salmon Burger no tiene rellenos ni aditivos.

Elija entre nuestra hamburguesa totalmente natural ligeramente sazonada con especias añadidas, nuestras hamburguesas de lima y chipotle repletas de un toque ahumado y sutiles matices de lima, o nuestra hamburguesa de espinacas y queso feta que le ofrece el sabor del Mediterráneo con sus ingredientes saludables y una sabrosa mezcla de especias. . Una mezcla de todos los sabores está disponible a pedido.

Este producto se almacena y entrega congelado.

Todos nuestros productos no contienen OGM y son 100% libres de antibióticos.

Cortes/ peso 18x 5 onzas
Sabor Natural, Chipotle y Lima, Espinacas y Feta
Con piel/sin piel Sin piel
Almacenamiento recomendado Almacenar a 0F o menos
País de origen EE.UU

Precio de oferta$49.99 Precio normal$89.99

Hamburguesa De Salmón Congelada
Hamburguesa De Salmón Congelada Precio de oferta$49.99 Precio normal$89.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Did not receive requested order

Description states “ A mix of all flavors is available upon request” however I only received plain burgers. No response to follow up email, however 9 emails were sent to review the product. Normally excellent service and great food, not sure what happened here.


Scrumptious! Best salmon cakes I’ve had.


Taste is excellent with minimal spice. Really didn't have to add anything but did use some teriyaki sauce on some.

Lynn Kane

The best salmon burgers I have eaten. I love having these in my freezer. I can just pop some out and grill for a quick, healthy and tasty dinner.

Paul Savini

I love the flavor and texture of Bakkafrost salmon so I thought I'd try out these burgers. They were exceptional. I couldn't believe how thick they were. Thick and juicy meant they were easy to cook perfectly on my griddle. My family loves them every time we prepare. Will definitely be back to buy more. Well done Bakkafrost!