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Filete De Salmón Fresco

El salmón fresco de Heimland se cultiva y cría en la corriente del Atlántico Norte, el hábitat natural de esta especie. Las condiciones son estables durante todo el año y proporcionan la temperatura perfecta para el salmón.

Este salmón nunca fue congelado y se entrega con escamas puestas; podemos quitarlas si lo solicita.

Todos nuestros productos no contienen OGM y son 100% libres de antibióticos.

Cortes/ peso Filete, cortado por la mitad o en cuartos, 3-4 libras
Con piel/sin piel Con y sin piel opcional
Almacenamiento recomendado Almacenar a 38F o menos
País de origen Islas Faroe
Precio de oferta$59.99

Filete De Salmón Fresco
Filete De Salmón Fresco Precio de oferta$59.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Michael Junkins
Best salmon period

This is the best tasting salmon available.

Really tasty and a great value

Really tasty and a great value. Made some sushi and salted the rest. Makes great salted salmon since it has so much fat.

Joseph Capone
First time

First time I have purchased this salmon. Definitely will again. Delivery to home was seamless. Thanks.


Insanely how fresh and good this salmon is. I was skeptical ordering fish online for sushi. I had ordered some from other places that claimed "sashmi quality" before and was very disappointed.

Then I heard about Bakkafrost. Wow. Gave 1 a try, and basically I don't even have to buy sushi again. I just make it at home now. Now i'm on 3 orders and I won't look back. This is definitely the best salmon I've found that is accessible. Extremely high quality (flavor, texture, looks).

I do recommend curing the fish before freezing it, especially if you want to use it for sushi later as well (Cure it, dry it, wrap it in a paper towel and vacuum seal it) -- It will keep as fresh as when it first got there.

Glen Piro

I am a multiple time repeat customer, once you make the jump to Bakkafrost, you can’t ever go back. Everyone I’ve suggested to give Bakkafrost a try has been stunned at just how good it is.