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Caja de porciones de salmón congelado 10 libras

Las porciones de salmón congelado Heimland son uno de nuestros productos más vendidos.
El salmón de calidad superior viene sin piel y envasado al vacío individualmente para su comodidad. Las porciones individuales son una forma en la que intentamos fomentar la minimización del desperdicio de alimentos.

Este producto se almacena y entrega congelado.

Todos nuestros productos no contienen OGM y son 100% libres de antibióticos. Certificado Kosher.

Cortes/ peso Porciones, 4 oz, 6 oz (9,87 lbs), 8 oz
Con piel/sin piel Sin piel
Almacenamiento recomendado Almacenar a 0F o menos
País de origen Islas Faroe

Precio de oferta$216.00

Tamaño de la porción:
Caja de porciones de salmón congelado 10 libras
Caja de porciones de salmón congelado 10 libras Precio de oferta$216.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Great tasting and quick shipping

We used to buy our farmed salmon at the warehouse store, but sometimes the quality and cuts varied. This salmon is very consistent, and the taste is noticeably better. They ship very quickly and carefully, and it has always been well frozen when we received it.

Nick Virbitsky
Not as fresh as before

Probably the 4th time I've ordered from Bakkafrost. They normally last a solid 3 months with a small fishy smell starting to appear at the 1 month mark. This time it started coming out after 2 weeks. Maybe the transportation/packing process changed, but I'll have to up the amount of salmon intake so I'm not wasting any.

Erik A.
Great all around.

Always great product. Great customer service as well! Only had a shipping delay once, which was the carriers fault, and Bakkafrost took care of the issue immediately.

Cheryl Fisher

Always pleased with our Salmon. Great product and delivery

Stuart Hershon
Salmon is KING!

First time ordering the 10lb box of Salmon and everything was perfect! Well packed, timely and delicious