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How to use smoke pins - The Guide

How to use smoke pins - The Guide

"Every summer, I go on long fishing trips Like other fisherman in the area, I kept running into the same problem: too many fish to eat fast enough and no way to preserve them while on the go."
Ole Gravrok, founder of Smokepins

Smoke pins are so simple to use that you can cold smoke anywhere - at home, while fishing, camping, or on a boat. With smoke pins, you can get started quickly and save hundreds of dollars. You are also supporting a sustainable smoking practise and reducing food waste.

Smoking 0.3 - 1kg of filleted fish will take only 5-7 hours using smoke pins. A single smoke pin lasts around 1 hour and 25 minutes.

You can easily smoke fish and meat at the same time, and in general, you can smoke larger quantities at a time, which is excellent for the environment and your money, all you need is the smoke pins.

How to use smoke pins:

  1. Set up the steel ring (included in the box) as shown in the video and place it on a fire-proof surface.
  2. Light the smoke pin at the end with the larger hole until the flame is established. Allow it to burn 1 inch down to ensure it's properly lit, then lightly blow out the flame.
  3. Place pin onto the steel ring with the burning face up.
  4. Place the smoke pin into the bottom of your grill/ smoke oven (leave minimal opening for the smoke to escape) and start the smoking process.
  5. Replace the first smoke pin after approx. 1.5 hours (check if it's fully burnt down).



Guide to set up the Starter Kit

Guide to use the Smoke Pins

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